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Jai Veera Hanuman 02-07-2018 Jaya Tv Serial Online

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Jaya tv Serials, Jai Veera Hanuman

Jaya tv Serial Jai Veera Hanuman 02nd July 2018 Episode 838

Its about Jai hanuman serial which says about the chronicles of veer hanuman who is the best friend of Lord Sri Raam

In the Treta era, various events occur, including the defeat of demons by Lord Vishnu, which leads to the birth of positive and negative forces. One of the negative forces—the rise of demon dictator Ravana—plunges the universe into terror. The birth of God becomes necessary to eliminate the terror of Ravana, leading to the birth of two of the most powerful and mutually attached gods[clarification needed]: Shri Rama and Hanuman, sons of Ayodhya’s King Dashrath and the ape-headed King Kesari [clarification needed] respectively. As time passes, the two meet and become close friends. Hanuman is a celibate monkey, dedicated friend, and brave warrior. Shri Ram is an ideal human being and an excellent warrior, whose love for Hanuman knows no bounds[clarification needed]. Shri Ram asks Hanuman to perform worldly duties until the call of time. As time progresses, events described in Valmiki’s Ramayan take place [clarification needed]. During the war of Lanka, the war skills of human beings and monkeys (along with those of Shri Rama and Hanuman) lead to the end of demon warriors like Meghnad, Kumbhakarna, and Ravan. Shri Rama ultimately returns to Ayodhya, and Ramarajya comes into existence.

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